#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

365 days to find love continues!

Join the 365love members and get social-"lite"

We got connected.... Let’s stay connected!

Over the last year I have shared my journey with everyone as well as posting stories submitted by 365 members that were inspired to let their voices be heard.

I have learned a lot about dating and relationships through my own experiences as well as a result of endless discussions with friends, family and total strangers I met along way. Just the words  "dating coach” or a flash my pretty pink card intrigue was evoked and conversation would just explode with passion and emotion. Everyone had a vested interest and opinion on the subject, be it positive, hopeful or sadly in some people interjected with doom and gloom.

Whether I met people on the street, in airports while traveling or at workshops and or events I hosted, the bottom line, people search for ways to socialize, meet new people in the hopes of finding companionship.

365 Love get connected is moving forward.

Coming this spring I will be offering a social calendar that will include various activities happening in and around Montreal. Anyone wishing to join can be part of the experience, including custom designed events and group coaching activities for #365love members. The soul intention is just to enjoy the city with great people that share the same passions in life or want to discover new ones such as private cooking classes, wine tastings and dance classes.

Come share the journey with me and lets get up, get out and get connected, together.  



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