#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Dressed for the date?

Make up done
Hair coiffed 
Sexy undergarments
Dressed to impress 
Stiletto heels 

You’re thinking… HOT DATE… right? 



Hope you are on the guest list to spend a night with The Girls at Atame Restaurant this Thursday, May 15th at 7pm. 

Special Surprise 

Four lucky ladies will join me for a pre-event hosted by Guerlain at BLVD44 in celebration of their 30 years. The event is produced by Mabel Palomino of Manina Productions so it's sure to be worthy of The Sex & The City Abu Dhabi Desert Adventure. Stay close to your phones tonight to find out which of you wonderful women will be whisked off at 5 to the cocktail and then chauffeured to the main event. 

Which four ladies are rolling with me to the pre-event?

I'm ready to step out on the town! Are you?



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