#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Give 'Em Tongue?

Have you ever noticed a person across a "crowded room" and wondered if there is a sure fire way to get their attention, where they cross the great dive and approach you?
Well, ladies and gentlemen last week I attended The Great Love Debate in NYC which is produced by Brian Howie also the author of How to find love in 60 seconds.
With a panel of experts the one piece of advice that literally stuck out most (no pun intended) was the one Brian shared: "If you want a mans attention, stick your tongue out at him!"
At that moment a giant gasp was heard in the venue, every woman reacted either in disgust or disbelief that something so juvenile would work on a mature man. His reasoning behind the scenario is that  men are basic and don't read signals well. The belief is that most men would read that as playful and at least want to walk over and ask why you did it.
Heather Backman from "Mornings Rock with Terry & Heather B" on CHOM, tested out the theory for me at last weeks black tie Infiniti Grand Prix event at The Ritz Carleton in Montreal.
IT WORKED! Three men in a row. They say threes a charm and in this case charming...he offered to return to her with a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne.
I guess the childhood routine of sticking  your tongue out at the boy only to have him pull your pigtails works at any stage of life.
So, bye bye flirty eyes- just give them tongue!!!

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