#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Hello Stranger!

I have lived my whole life in the same city, been very social for most of it and believed that I knew EVERYONE.
When I am asked why I don't seem to date in my home town, my answer is "seems to incestuous to me, as it probably means I would be dating a friend’s ex-husband, boyfriend, brother, uncle or gulp...father!" It is also not true that I don't date here- I just try to keep under the radar, which given I am writing daily, is a contradiction in itself and amusing all at the same time.
The fact is, I don't know everyone- which became very apparent last weekend as I stepped out into "my own backyard" and fell upon a whole new universe.
Giving advice to people, I often suggest trying a new activity or changing the time we attend programs, as it could bring a new community to our social circle.
That was my experience as I entered a Moksha yoga class, which is not more than five blocks from my home. Forty individuals laying on mats, as I entered the soothing warm studio and not ONE familiar face, other than my friend who invited me to join her.
At the end of class, I made a comment to my friend about how shocked I was to be so close to home, yet in unfamiliar territory- meeting so many new people!
No sooner had I uttered those words, we entered the elevator along with a nice man who started up a conversation. To me, it was obvious he was taken with my companion and mentioned noticing her laying beside him at the beginning of the session.
A couple days later I got a call from my girlfriend that she went to class and the elevator guy happened to be there again. Talk about a HOT date!
Could this be the beginning of a steamy romance for these two yogis?
Is our future romance closer than we think? We will only know if we are out and about, and stay open to the world around us.

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