#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

I'm back on the market!

After almost 300 days of actively declaring my desire to find love, I am claiming victory!
I realized over the last few weeks, that I am not only back on the dating market, but also exploring and embracing every market and conquering them all!
I am back in the financial market, handling my own affairs and planning on diversifying, maybe even investing in the stock market. I investigate the market place, when deciding what items to buy and where, comparing services and fees. I shop at the farmers market on weekends, now that I don't go to the country. I have an e-membership with Meet Market Adventures, which give me the opportunity to choose activities offered out in the social market. Least not forget, I love to dine at Spice Market in NYC (Ok-may not be significant but delicious, so I just had to mention it!)
This may not sound sexy, but in actual fact, all this analysis and learning is providing me with a lot of satisfaction and belief in myself as an independent woman.
I am growing and making choices for myself- and that can only add to my confidence, which MARKET RESEARCH shows, men find very sexy.
I am hitting every market head on and my cart is filling up with life experiences that can't be bought. 
Some day I know I will be going to the supermarket for two, but until then my cupboard will never be bare, nor boring. 
Remember- as for the dating market- if you don't go shopping, you don't eat or the only person you may meet is the deliveryman. 
Have you gone to the market lately?         


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