#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

For the "love" of baking

This was week 38 of my journey to find love and it was the most rewarding and emotional adventure I have experienced in recent years!
I spent 3 days with an incredible group of fellow "solos"- baking muffins and cupcakes, that were then delivered fresh from the ovens to organizations like Head and Hands, The NDG Food Bank and the NDG Community Council.
The recipe here was simple.
1 large industrial kitchen that The Wave graciously leant to us for the week
2 parents with heaping spoonfuls of love for a son
3 volunteers daily- one third part from Beth Care blending the mix
4 main ingredient for baking donated by Dad's Bagel
5 steps a day- prep, mix, bake, box and deliver
And a bushel of sous chefs of course! All with various handicaps, but with a common will to succeed at a new challenge as a team and ROLL it forward to their community.
The combination of SUGAR and spice and everything NICE and the will to do something new and meaningful, produced dozens of delicious baked goods made with LOVE.
Next week the group will learn from a pro when Master French Chef Didier Leroy, in town consulting for Ink Entertainment, will come and help us in the kitchen. He will have them all "eating up" every word of advice...gotta love the accent- I know I do!
Roll in, Roll out & Roll it forward!
WE only hope to keep it ROLLING!
Have you checked out Billy Bob Pop-Up Bakery?

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