#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

PS I love this woman!

Recently, a member of #365 Get Connected wrote to me for advice on how chose a matchmaker and inquired about Patty Shapiro and her agency PS I Love You.  I had not yet met Patty, but knew of her unparalleled reputation for executive placement in the fashion world. I could only imagine the same would hold true when it came to love. Leaving nothing to chance, I did my research, sent out a few inquires and it was a unanimous thumbs up.
The one word that seemed synonymous with Patty, her lifestyle and her work ethics- "passionate". 
I knew I had to meet this woman…Let the love fest begin!
Here is what Patty had to say about how to chose a matchmaker.
"Before you buy into the “dream” make sure your matchmaker’s morals and values are aligned with yours. I know I do, and that is why my agency is not for everyone."
I asked what clients should know about Patty Shapiro "the matchmaker" before we connect with her?
“I believe one’s altitude is determined by their attitude,
I believe you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything,
I believe in paying it forward everyday,
I believe a partner is something you want, not need
And most of all I believe in love"
"I do not believe opposites attract,   
I do not believe in long distance relationships,
I do not believe in dwelling on past relationships,
I do not believe it is the job of the man to take all the initiative"
When I asked why she started playing cupid her response was, " I am a connector and good at it, why not do it for love? It makes me happy."
My sentiments exactly! It’s why I love this journey and writing about how we can connect with each other.
Are you ready to find love the old fashioned way and maybe consider calling a matchmaker today?

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