#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Scars of Yesterday

As 365 days to find love counted down to its one-year anniversary, I found myself reflecting not only about people and connections I made recently but as well on all my past relationships.

One may think I was not successful in my quest "to date" (pardon the pun) as I am not in a committed relationship yet, but I beg to differ.

I found that the most important part of this year of exploration and discovery had to do with meeting ME. Learning to like and appreciate myself with all my attributes as well as my imperfections.

I also gave myself permission to reflect on my past and contemplate my future without judgment.

I realized that we all have a past but I think its how we chose to acknowledge it that defines us. Many people talk of having "baggage “but I prefer to talk of my history.

I have loved and been loved as well as had my heart broken and had the broken blood vessels that marked my face from excessive crying to prove it.

I decided to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my 365-day journey by removing the marks that scared my face. I have all my memories of yesterday and have no regrets but I now am ready to face tomorrow with clearer perspective and skin!

Thank you Nataliya Zay of Mediart and her little magic wand known as LPG. The next 365daytofindlove is devoid of scars from the past.



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